An inordinate fondness for hypocrites

A British biologist, J. B. S. Haldane, was once asked what mankind could know about God from studying his creation. He answered that God must have “an inordinate fondness for beetles” due to their preponderance among species. Using the same reasoning, one would tend to find that God must have “an inordinate fondness for hypocrites.”

“Pretending it is not a farce” is the type of hypocrisy I’m talking about. The pretense is some ‘denial of responsibility for action,’ while the farce is the going along with this by others. Take World Wide Wrestling. Millions of ‘fan-atics’ enjoy participating in the farce as onlookers to wrestlers pretending they’re not intentionally acting. Denial upon denial.

I’m not saying God is a farce or pretend. The pretense is for some to act like they know God’s mind better than others. The farce is attending to this pretense. Being told to do something only God can do is asking to participate in a blasphemous farce. Church leaders are hypocritical by shear fact of speaking for God while claiming not to. Denial upon denial.

“An inordinate fondness for hypocrites” I do not have. Then again, I’m not God. Are you?