The Journeypipe – 420Psych Review

The most striking aspect of the Journeypipe is its Art Deco style, which would fit into ‘Metropolis’ or a Blind Faith album cover. Great look! Cleaning is a snap – literally. I enjoy the ease of occasionally taking a puff, closing the lid and setting the Journeypipe down knowing that my typical clumsiness won’t result in anymore burn holes.

My use of the Journeypipe will primarily be with hash, as finely ground flowers and/or kief end up in my mouth on the first inhale. Using a screen would fix this, but convenience would suffer. The tin surfacing will pass the test with those who know it’s safe. The metal, or design, does seem to create a different smoking experience, but I’m not sure it’s due to the tasteless tin bowl beyond how it heats hash differently from other materials and/or designs.

Either way, the non-powdery hash I use with the Journeypipe is so convenient that the taste, if there truly is any difference, is secondary to the ease of use. In Amsterdam I kept the Journeypipe in my jacket pocket with isolator hash safely waiting in the bowl. I was set for the entire night.