The Prince Asshole Chris Wienand

Chris Wienand describes himself as a “Jesus follower, delighted husband, thriving father and papa, author, thinker, friend [and] visionary.” He left out ‘prince asshole,’ although he’d probably agree since his whole life is based on not telling others how to live – he leaves his mouth up to God for that.

Holy-Real-Man Chris blogged his “absolute shock and disbelief” that “someone close has fallen…a son, a Jesus lover, a prince in our world had stumbled,” Blogger, September 22, 2011 – A Prince has fallen.

Stumbled? What did Prince do, accidentally fall into a vagina while walking naked and erect on the way to leading his followers? Prince did, whatever Prince did, on purpose! Let that sink in Chris. It’s the difference between mortal men who take personal responsibility for their actions before God and neo-pharisees like you who tell others what God thinks.

Real men don’t hide behind Jesus’ skirt like Chris Wienand.