WWII Hero [U.S.A.] Slowly Retiring After 65 Years of European Defense

From a cultural perspective European governments have been subjected to USA’s power and strength since World War II. The USA devoted military resources to the defense of Europe as it was rebuilt from the Nazis occupation. This gave Europe the opportunity to spend more resources on much needed social programs – read socialism.

But now Europe is looking more like the USA in shifting what they spent on socialism into defense and economic strength while the USA is headed the other direction and becoming a little more socialistic with the money no longer needed to fight a Soviet Union.

The USA is already socialistic in using its common wealth on fire departments, police, schools, roads, etc. We are now joining the rest of the civilized world by extending our socialism to include health care.

I pay taxes for governmental programs (war, welfare, schools) without fully agreeing with them. I won’t tell those against the notion of ‘socialism’ to get over it, because many won’t. They will die carping about paying taxes.

Death and taxes are the things some of us never get over.