Zeta Harvest Day – The Vape-Master Diaries

A phone text came in;

U awake? ZETA is here
But not on the shelf
By invitation only for now
And you’re invited – Mick

The Zeta harvest is in! Tingling with anticipation I arrived at Mick’s collective where he could be seen running around hugging a jar with 6 ounces of very rare medical marijuana. During an entire staff meeting Mick hugged that jar as if it was his new born – and in a way it was. Mick was the proud owner of his own unique strain of medical marijuana.

Well cultivated Zeta is a sativa strain that will blitz even experienced indica users readily. A lone grower, only know as Buddy, worked years to develop Zeta from Blueberry, Sage and the original Trainwreck strains. Here is the Zeta review I was inspired to write;

z ZETA buds have clear and abundant trichomes which, when well cured, produce extreme sativa affects; soaring inspirational flights of fancy; in your face existential moments; dizzy highs; and cerebral buzzes that can last hours after other strains have run their course. Because of its unusual potency Zeta is admired by those tolerant even of the most powerful indica strains.

z ZETA has a hearty sweet flavor with subtle earthy undertones that are intensified when vaporized rather than smoked. The affect is an instant uplifting high that proceeds nonstop to a dizzy level of elation with every inhale. With an incredibly high ceiling, this strain is not for the faint of heart and only experienced users may find the altitude pleasant.

In researching this strain I found my only lead in a 2007 Grasscity.com blog that discussed a strain of ‘MK Zeta’ that was reported to produce hallucinations similar to a ‘mild shroom trip.’ Suspicions of lacing quickly spread, whether this was due to dread or wishful thinking remains unknown. Echoes of UK’s “Psychosis from one Puff of Skunk” comes to mind as a ‘Refer Madness’ syndrome meant to scare, rather than inform, people. Either way, no connection has been made to Mick’s Zeta strain as yet.

That first harvest night of Mick’s Zeta strain seemed to hold up to it’s detractor’s warnings of over-potency. I jotted down my dialog with Mick as we inhaled a few vapor-bags from the 6 ounces within the jar that remained firmly within Mick arms.

Mick: Blah, blah, blah.
Me: Mick, this shit could win the cannabis cup in Amsterdam!
Mick: Blah, blah, blah.
Me: We could send Jenny (a gorgeous budtender) to represent our collective and Zeta will stand up to any of the buds I had in Amsterdam last summer (I get to brag in this article – deal with it).
Mick: Blah, blah, I stayed awake to 6:30 am smoking this. Hug, hug, blah, blah, blah.
Me: I’ll go and even pay for half my trip.
Mick: Your HALF?
Me: Blah, blah, blah.

Now I figure this type of talk is typically the result of using any good sativa strain of marijuana. Could not this Zeta hype just be the result of the sativa strains ability to produce ecstatic flights of fantasy?

Yet…, if Zeta causes delusions of grandeur of its own excellence, then even this… No, because of this, Zeta stands to succeed at producing delusions of grandeur within the Cannabis Cup judges. Damn, this shit is good!